The Moment of Touch

From dyeing cotton thread to making textile, the production process for fabric is a melting pot of genuine craftworks by many different people.

The beauty of fabric that is unrolled for the very first time ­
it is a moment that connects with the unlimited possibilities
to make and create.

In Japanese, hatsu means “for the first time” and toki
means “to unroll or untie”. The concept of our brand is
to share this moment of excitement with you.

To be inspired by everyday moments

Old samples that are put away in storage, tools covered in dust, conversation with the craftsmen; beautiful hills, rivers and fields.

Things that inspire us are always only a step away if we look around; everything is a gemstone waiting to be polished.

The works of hatsutoki begins from fully experiencing everyday life in Nishiwaki ­the origin of the cotton we use.

Better relationships make better clothes

Nishiwaki is fresh and abundant in nature. The textile industry began around 200 years ago, and developed proudly as a town typically for its production of cotton.

In close collaboration with local factories, hatsutoki weave very fine yarn of delicate colors into high­quality fabrics that carry unique patterns.

Touch and feel it for yourself ­ you’ll be surprised by its silky smoothness, and even doubt whether this is really cotton.

Shimada Seishoku Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1948 in Nishiwaki, Hyogo Prefecture, Shimada Seishoku Co. Ltd. has been producing fabrics of distinctive quality in collaboration with local factories for over 80 years.

Nishiwaki City and its surrounding areas were once called Banshu. It has a long history of its cotton textile industry, and its products have been called Banshu­-ori. From dyeing, warp sizing, weaving and finishing ­ every process requires many skilled craftsmen and their finest attention.

Although this industry had once enjoyed its prosperity, it is now facing a large decrease in production and the danger that these skills and knowledge could be lost in the near future.

In order to pass on this knowledge to the next generation, we’re trying to find new ways and new businesses to make Banshu-­ori flourish once more.

Yuuki Murata
Born in 1988, in Tokyo. Murata started to make original clothes when he was still in university. After graduation, he developed his interest in working with fabric, and went on a fabric tour in Japan while working as an assistant for a fashion brand in Tokyo. In 2012, he started working at Shimada Seishoku Co. Ltd. and joined the hatsutoki team.

Shimada Seishoku Co. Ltd.